Friday, September 17, 2010

Rails Application Launch Checklist

As a part of my on-going effort to publish checklists on this blog, here is my Application Launch Checklist. Let me know if there's anything missing in the comments.
Configuration and Setup
  • Database optimization (bullet for n + 1 queries, rails_indexes, slim scrooge, query_reviewer)
  • Page Responsiveness (Javascript and CSS caching with Jammit, Sprites, Asset hosts)
  • Background Processing (Delayed Jobs - long running processes, email, file imports and processing, HTTP calls)
  • Page Caching
  • Action Caching
  • Fragment Caching
  • Query Caching
  • Client-side Caching
  • HTTP Caching
Anything missing from Firsthand Rails Template? Plugins?
NewRelic has a great series on Scaling Rails that reviews techniques for caching and database optimizations.

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