Monday, September 6, 2010

Radiant Training Resources and Email Template

For most Radiant projects, I do one-on-one training with the client. This allows them to get familiar with Radiant's administration interface and customizations. I also have a "site" extension, which encapsulates any basic customizations and also add documentation relating to layouts, page types and styles used. This is implemented using the help extension.

Radiant Screencasts

One of the most useful resources I have developed is a series of screencasts that cover a basic Radiant installation and FCKEditor. Please note that these are based on Radiant 8.x. I hope to upgrade these in the near future for Radiant 9.x.

Before the one-on-one session, I send an email to the trainnees, asking them to review the documentation and screencasts beforehand. This is the email template I use:

Email Template

In preparation for you training and for reference at a later date, you have access to online documentation and a series of videos on how to use Radiant, the Content Management System (CMS) for your website.


For an introduction to the Radiant CMS:

Customizations made to the Radiant CMS for your website:

Videos: Introduction to Radiant

The first series of videos introduces Radiant CMS, how to create and edit pages etc:

Videos: Using the FCKEditor

The second series is how to use the FCKEditor, a WYSIWYG editor for edit page content. This series describes how to insert images, create links etc.


I would recommend the participants review the documentation and videos before the training session. All the material will be covered again in the session, but it is helpful to get familiar with Radiant before hand.

The training will cover:

  • An introduction to Radiant CMS
  • Using the FCKEditor
  • Customizations of the Radiant CMS for your website

Training Requirements

Access to a computer with an internet connection will be required.

Please let me know the date and time for the training session and who will be attending. I look forward to helping you get started in maintaining your new website!

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