Friday, September 3, 2010

Radiant Releases Now Listed on the Wiki Page

It's now been a week writing my daily stand-up blog posts. I was prefixing the title with "24hrs Firsthand" to identify them as my daily post, but really this seems redundant and just added a lot of noise with no value. After all a blog is a journal, and I suspect readers don't need to know it's my "daily blog post". I will still tag them with stand-up. Now onto some real content...

Radiant Release Notes

Instead of doing my normal wrap-up of yesterday's events, I spent some time this morning listing the Radiant releases on the wiki, with links to release notes, change logs and upgrade notes. I had this in a text file on my local computer -- seemed silly not to share it. I'm sure everybody, new and old to Radiant, will find this very useful.

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