Friday, September 10, 2010

Autospec problem, autospec exiting without results

A little frustration today with autospec (to clarify, not autospec's fault). I had recently installed RVM and started using gemsets (really this is amazing). When setting a default gemset I installed a bunch of gems including Paperclip 2.3.3. Unfortunately, Paperclip's dependencies include ActiveSupport and installed version 3.0.0. My current default gemspec is setup for rails 2.3.8, I have built a separate one for Rails 3.0.0 on Ruby 1.9.2. For some reason, with ActiveSupport 3.0.0 installed, caused autospec to exit without any results.

(Not running features.  To run features in autotest, set AUTOFEATURE=true.)
loading autotest/rails_rspec
style: RailsRspec

The solution, simply uninstall ActiveSupport 3.0.0 (and any other 3.0.0 Rails dependencies) Paperclip 2.3.3 runs just fine with 2.3.8. This really makes sense since I want to keep a clean 2.3.x environment. To be clear, I had not installed Rails 3.0.0 in this gemset.

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