Monday, October 7, 2013

Recently Launched: Quarterly Co.

My last project at Dynamo involved the porting of a Rails application integrated with Recurly to Spree for Quarterly Co., an LA-based company. Quarterly is a subscription service, curating gifts by their selection of contributors shipped every three-months. Check out this beautifully written blog post written by Quarterly's founder, Zach Frechette, describing why he started Quarterly.

Key Objective

The key objective for this project was to move from their current model of billing their subscribers every three-months, to billing when a curated gift is shipped. Moving to this model also required some solid order management that their current application didn't provide. Spree, an open source e-commerce platform, was the chosen as the foundation for Quarterly's online business.

Technical Challenges

There were some interesting technical challenges for this project that included:

  • Customizing Spree's "Product and Order"-based data model to support subscriptions.
  • Migrating subscription data from two data sources, Recurly and the custom Rails application.
  • Migrating an existing design to Spree's opinionated checkout flow.

Check out the screenshot's below or visit the site, you might find a contributor that you want to subscribe to. Treat yourself!

(A shout out to Rodrigo Dalcin, a Front-end Developer at Dynamo, who worked porting the front-end to Spree for this project. Thank you for all your help!)

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