Friday, June 7, 2013

June Developer Challenge: Share the Knowledge

Note: This was originally posted to the Dynamo Blog.

Last month we leveled-up with Crush Your Achilles’ Heel. This month, it’s about helping your team members level-up with “Share the Knowledge”. This month’s focus is about sharing knowledge with your team mates. After years as a solo freelancer, one of the great joys I now experience working with a team, is the learning gained from my team members. I also love sharing what I’ve learned. However, we need to be proactive about sharing to allow others to benefit.

This month, your challenge is to take what you learned from last month’s challenge, and share it with your team members. At Dynamo, we have a number of avenues for sharing information with others. These include:

  • Workshop Wednesdays: Lunch-time sessions for presentations and discussions
  • Dynamo Central: A wiki hosted on GitHub to share process and procedures
  • Dynamo Blog: This blog to share with the greater design and development community
  • Dynamo Retreat: A yearly event to review what’s working, and what’s not

So choose something valuable from last month’s challenge to share. If you didn’t complete the challenge, I’m sure you have something else. Do you have a checklist or procedure documented in your notebook? Do you have a process that you’re benefiting from, but no one knows about it? I encourage you to share this knowledge as a presentation, a blog post, or simply as a checklist on the wiki.

Your Developer Challenge for the month of June has been issued! Please let us know what you attend to share this month in the comments below.

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