Saturday, April 27, 2013

Task Lists in Our Pull Requests

Note: This was originally posted to the Dynamo Blog.

Since we have been using Pull Requests to drive development over a month or so now, GitHub Task Lists have been an important component. Personally, I have been using them to document my initial thoughts/brainstorming on tasks required to complete a feature and the whole team have been using them pervasively. They also have an impact on issues (from the GitHub post):

You can use task lists to break down large issues and discourage the creation of many microscopic issues, allowing you to focus on interacting with the list instead of editing Markdown.

A Task List can be created in PR comments using GitHub Flavored Markdown. Here’s an example of a Task List from a project I’m currently working on:

Task List Example

And they are easily created with a bit of Markdown:

Markdown Example

Oh, and a power tip: pressing ‘M’ on the keyboard will display a Markdown cheat sheet.

How are you using GitHub Tasks Lists? Let us know in the comments.

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