Monday, April 22, 2013

Open Gems with vim-bundler

When working with platforms such as Spree and RefineryCMS it's more than likely that I will be extending their models more often that not. This means opening the Gem to identify a specific behaviour I want to override. Vim is my text editor of choice, and I typically try to restrict my self to one instance of the editor running. It makes working with multiple buffers a lot easier! Whenever I want to open a Ruby Gem, it always irks me that I have to open another instance of the editor, in a separate window/pane (although Tmux reduces the pain of this a wee bit).

Vim does offer a client-server option, but admittedly I couldn't get this working and in my search I came across Tim Pope's vim-bundler. From the README:

An internalized version of bundle open : :Bopen (and :Bsplit , :Btabedit , etc.).

Exactly what I wanted, a way to `bundle open` within Vim. Here's a quick demo of using vim-bundler to open Spree's `Order` model and navigate to the `add_variant` method.

vim-bundler from Nicholas Henry on Vimeo.

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