Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recent Launch: Media Experts on Refinery CMS

Media Experts is a top Canadian media planning and buying agency. During the summer, I was tasked with the first iteration of their website, integrating it with Refinery CMS (thanks Dynamo!). One of the joys of using Refinery, is the ease of extending it with engines to support custom content types. For example the experts page seen below contained structured, repetitive data that was not suited for a page tree hierarchy:

Media Experts - People

By generating a custom engine, I was able to easily integrate this structured data into the website, without any impact on the original design or the website's navigation. You can view how the individual experts are edited in the screen shot below:


Please checkout the Media Experts' website and view additional screenshots below:

Home Page

Media Experts Home

Portfolio Index

Media Experts Portfolio

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