Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slow startup with Rspec (1.3.0) and Spork

This is probably network specific, because at my home office things are fine, but on site at a client, Rspec starts up very slow when running against spork. I tracked it down to line 19 in $GEM_PATH/gems/rspec-1.3.0/lib/spec/runner/drb_command_line.rb

DRb.start_service("druby://:0"); \

Change it to...

DRb.start_service("druby://"); \

I think I have seen postings to the Rspec mailing list in regards to this issue. I will try to track them down to add to this post.


It appears this is an OS X related issue. Checkout this thread for more information: Thank you, Stuart.

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