Thursday, August 26, 2010

IE7 CSS Madness

Inspired by blogs such as Pivotal Labs and Rails Test Prescriptions I am going to attempt to do a daily recap of yesterday's firsthand experiences. These are going to be short, brief posts. I was going to call it simply Standup but I thought it would be nice to tie the company name in. So here it goes:

Internet Explorer 7 CSS Madness

Yesterday I was thrown into cleaning up some front end CSS for IE7 late in the afternoon. Here's some tricks for kids:

  • The drop-down of a select element in HTML does not expand it's width to display the longest option. Fixed using a JQuery plugin ie-select-width. There is also ie-select-style that allows you to style the select element.
  • IE7 does not play nice with transparent PNG's and the  jQuery Cycle plugin. It tends to acquire the background colour of the parent element. The fix is to add "background: none !important" to the element containing the PNG image in the slideshow.

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